What is EMPIRE Ny?

Empire Key Holder - World's Smartest Key Holder
Three newest technologies associated with the fashion world:
Solar Wallet-The World's First Most Powerful Solar Charger which has a possibility to expansion with an increase of 5 or 10W panels (Patent Pending)
Key Holder -The World's First Safest Key Holder with Technology Package ever produced with 10 different functions.
Wireless Charger - Earth's First Luxury Wireless Charger, classy Induction Charging System. The first charger which will decorate every room.
Empire Case - The First Dual-Mode Wireless Charger for iPhone 6, 6Plus Users that works well with wireless charging standards: QI and PMA
Our objective is to combine newest technologies using the oldest, toughest and most natural material that has been ever used by humans. Leather goods were always the markers of sophistication, quality and luxury. Therefore, not only do we pay attention to the technological aspect, but we equally pinpoint the quality of product. All goods which we present are fully hand-made through the best Italian natural leathers without the saving on the material, so that each product is a synonym of luxury and withstands decades.

smart keyholder
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What exactly is Empire New York Solar Wallet?
Solar Wallet is among the most powerful solar charger on the planet, which is not much bigger than a mobile phone and has a capability to charge it from the same time as a common charger. Charging an Iphone 6 during a sunny day takes only 2.5h.
Not many producers mentions the fact the most significant elements of chargers are solar panel systems. Our solar panels contain the highest efficiency reaching around 23%. Such panels are installed only in the newest installations. For comparson, elastic flexible panels have efficiency around 7-13%, thus Empire Solar Wallet could be the smallest, most elegant and most powerful solar charger on the planet.

Depending on your needs, our chargers are of various powers and colours:

We are the first company on the globe which invented a way to enhance the power of charger by further 5W or 10W, that may be furtherly enhanced by 5W or 10W. Simultaneously, we have the most powerful, the tiniest and hand-held charger ever produced. The connection of additional panels is very strong, which favours us over other producers available in the market using magnets or another solutions. Additional panels will not likely unfasten during jogging, hiking in high altitude climates, skiing, bike/quad riding or motorcycling.

Solar Wallet features:

Solar Wallet Functions Demo:

We paid much focus on the ways of fitting the charger to ensure its use is not tied to anything. Fittings are put on two sides in the charger. We used a regulated strap, which may be shortened in any way. On the reverse side, there are two carabiners, which can be quickly clasped to anything and glass suckers, which may be employed for example on a camp.

What's Empire New York Key Holder?
This is the only luxurious, safest and multifunctional key holder on the planet, which firstly will never be forgotten anymore, secondly, bring a safe exclusive wallet, since it has a hidden RFID-blocking card slot.
How many times did it happen to me that we was looking for keys prior to going home? Keys have a very mysterious ability to change places! More often than not I am sure I place them exactly in a given place, then when I go out in a rush, it happens they are not there. I am looking for it for Quarter-hour around the whole house and should not find them… The worst thing is that I cannot even call them… Finally, I locate them in yesterday’s trousers, jacket or among pillows. The frequency of which does it happen to you?
Therefore, we created the safest and most elegant key holder which could have ever been created.
Your keys is not going to scratch your mobile, tablet, glasses, console or another stuff anymore. It is possible to safely put them on a glassy table or even in a car and there will not be any scratches there.